Drawing ostomy bags, a labor of Love.

A few years ago I wanted to do something a little creative for some of the ostomy pages I follow on Facebook, so I took a copy of an old fashion figure drawing I made for my daughter and I added a heart shaped ostomy bag to it. I was happy because lots of people liked it and shared it, so I started doing some more.

IMG_0230Drawing by Paul Tascarella

One girl from Brazil named Vivi asked if I would draw her because she had an unusual horizontal scar and I was happy to do it and she loved it.

13396713_1104767929582499_112295033_oDrawing by Paul Tascarella

I was born and grew up in New York. I began to get sick with Crohn’s when I was 14 years old although it was originally diagnosed as colitis. My father, who was a doctor, always told me that one day I might have to wear a bag but I thought he was trying to scare me. Guess what? He was right. In October of 1978 I had my ileostomy done at NYU Medical Center in Manhattan. Since then my health has been good. I work hard as an accountant and am married with a beautiful daughter of whom I am very proud.
Drawing by Paul Tascarella

Sometimes my drawings are serious and sometimes I like to make them a little funny by decorating the bag according to different holidays but I always try to capture the beauty, dignity and inner strength of my fellow survivors.

It’s become a labor of love!

Paul J. Tascasrella, Scarsdale, NY, Crohn’s fighter.

A NEW SCANS ON 9-14-14_0005Drawing by Paul Tascarella

A NEW SCANS ON 9-14-14_0002Drawing by Paul Tascarella

A NEW SCANS ON 9-14-14_0006Drawing by Paul Tascarella

A NEW SCANS ON 9-14-14_0003Drawing by Paul Tascarella

IMG_2475Drawing by Paul Tascarella



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